what is it?

“Gazteak Kalean” (The young in the street) is a platform created to denounce and fight the repression suffered by the youth movement in Tolosa during the last year. Our objective is to display the increasing police harassment and to form a solidarity network with regard to these cases, which clearly exhibit such harassment:

  • The police farce of the 2015 Carnival: a request of between 4’5 and 5’5 years of imprisonment and a fine of 38.000€ for 3 members of the youth movement.
  • The sit-in of the Tolosako Gazte Asanblada (The Youth Assembly of Tolosa): altogether, a fine of more than 15.000€ for some 50 people, in addition to the beating received. A request of 3 years and 2 months of imprisonment for 2 of them.


To denounce and organize ourselves to fight this police farce, whose objective is to harm the youth movement in Tolosa. Taking this into account, we foresee two main objectives:

  • To foster a social pressure at street level in order to face this farce, to tackle the imprisonment requests and fines by means of the solidarity network. Within this objective, we seek to move beyond subjective positioning to commitment.
  • To delve into the anti-repressive field, given that there is a long-lasting systematic harassment behind these cases.

Only organizing ourselves will we manage to keep the young in the street.


The already mentioned police harassment has caused two main consequences: on the one hand, excessive imprisonment requests, and on the other hand, colossal fines. The expenses that the youth movement has had and will have to pay as a result of the repression suffered are impossible to pay for the young of Tolosa. Thus, it is important for everyone to make a contribution; to this effect, make your donation down here.

To make the donation, use this bank account: ES96 2095 5067 1091 1656 7254

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